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Xavier Désiré,
« He has his head in the clouds, a real dreamer »
It is almost vital for him to touch and smell flowers every day. Like Voltaire, the famous French writer and philosopher, he must breed his own garden, magical and poetic.
After a degree in botanical science, he leaves this behind to concentrate on his passion: art. Associating both his degree and his passion, he decides to take floral decoration and design classes proposed by Monique Gautier.
Shortly after opening his own flower shop, he decided to create, over 7 years ago, his own floral art studio: a laboratory of curiosity and imagination. You can find anything from antique objects to contemporary design sculptures, fish, birds, and of course lots and lots of flowers!
Xavier is above all a curious person, one that can only feel full when surrounded by all these enchanting elements. He feels things, he breathes them and he puts it all into his love for working with flowers.