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Beginner class :
- Discover floral decoratio
- Recognize the different plants and flower
- Learn about their packagin
- Start understanding the techniques around creating a basic bouquet.
- And a little extra : more than just theory and practice, A Fleur et à Mesure offers you to come help on the setup of one of their events in order to understand the full aspects of the job, even onsite.

Senior class :
- Test of your knowledge on plants and flowe
- A little technical back up on the basic bouquet structure allowing to then move on to a more structured and modern bouquet style.
- Floral improve. (choice of type of plants used, materials, deseign…)
- To oversee your work, the Artistic Director of A Fleur et à Mesure will accompany you to the next meeting with one of your clients and will help create a unique offer for your client. He will be there on the day to help and oversee production of the event you have sold.

1800 HT Euros for 30 Hours

Customized training possible upon request


For a private training DIF, or a conversion to a new career via FONGECIF…, thinking of a new professional orientation or wanting to perfect your knowledge in floral decoration for your own activity, you can choose to sign up to one of the 30 hour classes below (beginner or senior) or a private class.